Building Regulation

Mission Statement

Our focus is to ensure safety of the general public within the City by administering the minimum standards of the Worthington Codified Ordinances and the two state building codes.


The Division of Building Regulation operates under the supervision of the Chief Building Inspector, who is accountable to the Director of Planning & Building. Responsibilities of the Division include:
  • Reviewing and approving plans
  • Enforcing all applicable City laws and ordinances regulating building, property maintenance, zoning, plumbing, heating, ventilating, air conditioning and electrical installations
  • Administering the Ohio Building Code and Residential Code of Ohio within the City for all the occupancies. Instituting proceedings for the repair or destruction of unsafe buildings in conformity with City codes and laws
  • Issuing permits in conformity with the codes and laws applicable to building inspection
View this video complements of the Ohio Building Officials Association to learn more about the building inspection and approval process.