Community Visioning

Worthington City Council is engaging the community in a citizen-led comprehensive visioning process in 2019. City leadership recognizes that this is a moment in our history where it is important to consider the community’s vision for the years and generations to come. The City aspires to make decisions with the long-term interests and desires of residents in mind by engaging all stakeholders. The goal is to gain a thorough understanding of a broad cross-section of the community representing the will of the people. 


City Council Statement

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Community Visioning Committee & Consultant Proposals

City Council is appointing a Community Visioning Committee to oversee and guide the process, with the help of a visioning consultant. City Council drafted the following Committee Mission Statement, reflecting the dual purpose: 

The Visioning Committee's administrative purpose is to manage the Visioning Process in close consultation with the City Council and the community. Its product purpose is to inform, engage and listen to community members to enable a well-grounded articulation of the community’s aspirations for the future of Worthington. 

Committee Selection Process (application period closed)

The City is currently evaluating proposals from experienced community visioning consultants.
Request for Proposals (application period closed)