Electric Aggregation Program


Worthington voters gave the City of Worthington the go-ahead to pool the community’s electricity buying power by approving an issue to establish the City as an electric aggregator. The goals of the City's electric aggregation program are to lower household electric bills and increase renewable (green) energy usage. After receiving a number of proposals from energy suppliers, City Council has entered into an agreement with AEP Energy that will reduce the electric bills of participants and include the use of green energy certificates.  

Eligible residents and small businesses have automatically been added to the program, unless they opted-out during the opt-out period. Residents who wish to opt-out may still do so anytime by calling AEP Energy at 1-888-549-9008.

Residents who were not eligible at the beginning of the program, but who would like to opt-in at a later date, can call AEP Energy at 1-888-549-9008 or check their eligibility and sign up online here: https://enroll.aepenergy.com/acquisition/aggregation

Implementation Timeline:

  • Program begins with June or July meter read date
  • If your meter is read AFTER June 18th you will start in June
  • If your meter is read BEFORE June 18th you will start in July
  • Participants should see new aggregation rate in their July or August bill
  • If your meter is read AFTER June 18th you will see it on your July bill
  • If your meter is read BEFORE June 18th you will see it on your August bill

Under the program, residents would experience no change in their electric service. AEP Ohio (“the utility”) would continue to carry, service, and bill for the electricity service. The only change would be in the generation source of the electricity which would be identified on the AEP Ohio bill.

April 29, 2019 Letter to Eligible Residents - Includes Answers to Frequently Asked Questions