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COTA to Launch Redesigned Bus Network on May


Bus service throughout the region will be enhanced when the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) launches a redesigned bus network on May 1. The redesign is a complete overhaul of the COTA network that will provide simplified routes, increased frequency, connections to more places, reduced bus congestion downtown, and service to more jobs.

Signs are being placed at every bus stop in COTA’s system notifying customers of service changes that will occur. Customers are encouraged to use the Trip Planner on COTA’s website at to plan their new trip beginning on May 1.

View the map below to see impacts to Worthington service.

COTA/TSR Worthington changes

Worthington Layover/Turnaround Status and Background

There is not any Worthington east-west connector included in the May 2017 changes.The east-west connector (#35) will stop at Busch Blvd., not connecting in Worthington.

In 2016, a number of possible routes were studied in attempts to make the connection between the existing #2 north-south route on High Street and the new proposed #35 east-west route connecting to Easton and the new Northland Transit Center as part of the CMAX Bus Rapid Transit project on Cleveland Avenue.

Public meetings were held and feedback gathered from residents in two areas identified for consideration: Hartford Street by the Old Worthington Library; and Emerson Avenue between West Selby and Lincoln. Based on feedback, it has been determined that further study is necessary before moving forward. There will be additional research and public involvement at a later date to determine a possible east-west connection point in Worthington.

Transit System Redesign Details
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